Original Artist from Minnesota 

Amarah Parks

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Album release date: Friday March 19th

Record: Amarah Parks

Mix: Amarah Parks

Master: Regal Noise

Art: Amarah Parks

CDs Available: Yes

Far Beyond Me

By: Amarah Parks

Not quite sure how

I ended up right

Back where I was, oh

I thought by now I'd

Figure it out

I keep slipping in the

Same place, make the

Same mistakes again

Where am I supposed

To go from here?

But looking back now

I can tell I'm not

Where I fell, no

I've made a couple

Strides since then

The Lord knows He's

My favorite place and

My saving grace again

Yeah He can take the

Wheel from here

That's when You

Pick me up again

You pick me up again

I surrender to

Your perfect way again

Way again, yes Your

Way again!

I never win in my

Own might, surviving

By sight, no

Cause faith requires

Letting go

I won't move at

My own pace in

My own race again

He knows much

Better than I do

It just wasn't worth it

When I was living for​​​​​​​


I have a purpose

Far beyond me!

You're With Me

By: Amarah Parks

All is stripped away

One thing after another

If I didn't know before

I'm learning to surrender

My life, My love

My life, My love

But far be it from me to

Fight Your will, cause

Everywhere You've

Set me out to go,

You have provided

Everything that

I would need

You're with me.(oh)

You're with me. (oh)

You're with me.

Here I stand alone

What have I left to offer

What matters most right now

Is being with each other

My life, my love

My life, my love

Far be it from me to

Leave your side, I know

You're the only reason

I have life and when I

Trust in you, you

Show me how to hope

I'm in your arms I

Won't ever let go

You're with me. (oh)

You're with me. (oh)

You're with me. (oh)

You're with me. (oh)

You're with me.


By: Amarah Parks

Words can't explain

You in Your glory

They fail to describe​​​​​​​

My Lord, My God

I see you around me

You're in the stars

Blessed, Holy

You are the Way and

The air that I breathe

Praise You

Praise the Almighty

I don't deserve You

And yet You are mine

You're mine

If you seek you'll find

If you praise be blessed

Take these blessings child

Have my favor

Your words to me

Fill me with peace that

I never could find

My Lord, My God

Precious and perfect

And flawless and holy

Your way, Jesus

Brightens my darkness

and fills me with light

My life is full

Lord may I never

depart from Your side

Your side

A Droplet

Of This Rain

By: Amarah Parks

Featuring: Kaylee Peil

The sky is gray, and

The rain is falling down

A gloomy day, yet

Happiness I've found

You are here, and

I feel you all around

Like the sun, you're

Warming up this town

You are near

Even in my sorrow

You've been here

Even through the pain

Though I don't know

What may come tomorrow

I don't feel

A droplet of this rain

I've been wronged

Many times before

I've been swept

Off the sandy shores

But you carried me, up

Off the ocean floor

Now I can fly

Because of you I soar

Oh let me soak it in

My skin is glistening

This rain

I feel so much better

When I'm listening

This rain

April showers tend to

Bring May flowers

Here In Your


By: Amarah Parks

and Liam Parks

Featuring: Liam Parks

Lovely, Beautiful

Holy, Wonderful

Lovely, Beautiful



I'm here in your presence

Your beautiful essence

I'm at your expense

Lord my God, the one

Who I praise out loud, your

Voice is over the crowd

Thank you for everything

That you do, perfection as

Clear as the morning dew

It's all cause of you

You're getting me through

It's all cause of you

I can't deny it, on you

I'm relying just sitting

In silence I pray, and Lord

You've been speaking

Your light is a beacon

It's guiding and lighting

My way, aye, Father

You're the Prince of Peace

Your power released

I'm here at your feet

I just wanna see, I know

You're gonna carry me, I'm

Soaking in your presence

While your here in the

Room with me

Here in your presence

(Here in your presence, yuh)

I'm overwhelmed with praise

I'm on my knees

The prince of peace

With you I'm free

With you I'm me

God, show me the truth

Give me the faith, show

Me the way, you are my

Strength, every day, I know

I just began, this is not the

End, you will come again

I will not settle just knowing

A little of your greatness, uh

Here in your presence, your

Beautiful essence, just

Sitting in silence I pray

I'll give you my all, the old me

Will fall, you're a much better

Choice anyway, aye, stumble

As I may but you pick me

Up high, turn up the volume

I can't hear the lie, just like

An eagle you cause me to

Rise, you are my savior and

You help me open my eyes

You are my savior

(You are my savior, yuh)

One word from you

My chains fall

I know you're king

My everything

I just wanna sing

And rest in your wings

All I Need

By: Amarah Parks

Let me not get wrapped up

In the worries in me, help me

Not to expect to get something

For free Lord you are my God

And you're all I need

Let the cares of this world roll

Right off of my skin, let me not

Be affected by worries within

Lord you are my God

And you're all I need

Oooh Oh You're all I need

Oooh Oh You're all I need

Let me not place my trust

In a man but in you, help me

Not to forget what I know to

Be true, Lord you are my God

And I'll follow you

I will go where you go Lord

And stay where you stay, I will

Listen and wait on you every

Day, Lord you are my God

And I'll follow you

Oooh Oh I'll follow you

Oooh Oh I'll follow you

You are all I need

I will follow you

You are all I need

I will follow you

Beautiful Life

By: Amarah Parks

Will you make time for me

Do you love just like I do

Will you remember me

The same way I remember you

And will you talk to me

As though I'm always by your side

Oh will you sing to me

With a joy that won't subside

Oh a love that is so strong

It never can be broken

No words can describe it

No word that can be spoken

Its running through my veins

Giving me a beautiful life

Will you listen to me

Because I care about your soul

Will you return to me

When you're ashamed after a fall

I am in love with you

It breaks my heart when you are gone

Oh won't you stay with me

Together we will grow in love

God your love is so much more

Than all I've been searching for

And I wanna get to know

Your heart so that I can see

The purpose you have for me

The world was so dull before

But you keep me wanting more

And its like I have new eyes

Your bright colors fill my view

And its all because of you

You Are Good

By: Amarah Parks

This night is dark

But the stars never cease to

Shine in their glory, oh, oh

This world is cold

But the warmth that's around me

I never leaves me alone, no

I take my eyes

And set them on You cause

There's nothing else I can do, woah

You never said

This life would be easy

I need to trust in You, woah

You've been catching every tear

When I'm lonely You're still here

When the sun's out You are good

When it's hiding You're still good

I've been broken to the ground

And I couldn't hear a sound

In my helplessness I'm found

By You

I'm giving up

All the effort I give in

Cannot restore me, no

I'm in Your hands

Dying to self and

Singing Your glory, Lord​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


By: Amarah Parks

I will proclaim this joyous song

To You my King I'm relying on

My Father, my peace, my everything

Praises to You alone!

Praises, Praises, Praises to You alone!

Praises, Praises, Praises to You alone!

Oh all the time I will worship You

In the dead of night and the morning too

For Your presence, Your love, Your mystery

Praises to You alone!

Like quiet waters you flow in me

Make me become whom I'm meant to be

I'll trust and have faith in Your steady hands

Praises to You alone!

Your Way

Written By Amarah Parks with parts

inspired by "Beautiful One" by: Tim Hughes

My hopes, my dreams

As this life is passing by

My fears, my life, it seems

Everything I keep inside

But when I look up to

The Light

These things, they

Just fall to the side

My mood, my day, shifting

With each passing thought

My plans, my time is spent

How my carnal mind decides

But when I refocus my mind

I realize I left You behind

I don't want You to leave

Stay right here next to me

May I live for your name

Every day I'll proclaim

You are the One I love

You are the One I adore

You are the One my

Soul must sing!

Your will, Your way

Brings me joy I can't explain

Your Truth, the words You say

Never change in wind or rain

The purpose You give me

Is grand, I melt at the

Touch of Your hand